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2 Workshops Together: Major Gifts and Turning Legacy Upside Down

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Fundraising - Developing A Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy

Get resources & expertise to design a comprehensive fundraising strategy with this one-day workshop. Get the “BIG PICTURE” and determine how all areas of fundraising are interdependent upon one another for maximum effectiveness. Looking at areas like:

  • Special Events
  • Board Engagement
  • Capital Campaigns

… and MUCH more…

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Fundraising - Individual Staff Partnership Development

Move beyond theory to practical ways of engaging donors… Attract “partners” with long terms sustainable support. With over 42 years of experience, our team will assist the leadership and staff in implementing a successful and proven model that might surprise you!

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Boards - Non-Profit Board Excellence Model

Want to know what makes a god board GREAT? Inspire and engage your board to excellence. We review a board to highlight root causes of success and identify areas of development. Get your board “tuned up” and running with passion and effectiveness.

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Boards - Non-Profit ONLINE Board Assessment Tool

This confidential, online assessment tool looks at important areas of non-profit board development. Its done anonymously to ensure that every board member can share openly. Once completed, we send the Board Chairman & Executive Director the results and follow up with a 1-hour conference call consultation to review the results. 

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Board Policy Development Services & Coaching

This is a consultant service to come along side boards or policy committee individuals in designing a successful and comprehensive Board Policy Manual.

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