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Management & Leadership Development

Intentional Leadership

Group interaction and case study will develop self-awareness in key leaders, helping them understand the impact of their own attitudes and behaviours. Participants will learn result-driven, people-centred leadership techniques to empower their teams.

RIBO Approved Course: 6 hours

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High Performance Coaching & Supervision

An interactive computer simulation, where participants work in small groups to supervise an individual. Decisions must be made... and consequences will be felt. As close to “real world” training as you can get!

RIBO Approved Course: See course details for hours

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Performance Analysis and Feedback

Do you dread performance evaluations? Good news! P.A.F. gives a simple formula for conversations that will:

  1. Encourage individuals to take ownership of their own growth
  2. Immediately change behaviours to improve development
  3. Strengthen the manager/employee relationship

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Having Difficult Conversations

Performance issues? Personal issues? Bad breath? A personal assessment in conflict resolution, suggestions on preparing good questions, and a simple process will give you some basic strategies to maintain your sanity and get you through those difficult conversations!

RIBO Approved Course: 9 hours

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Executing A Plan Effectively

Big goals are vital to your business’ success. Using principles from the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution (McChesney/ Covey/ Huling), learn the key role that management plays… with priority-focused strategy planning and team engagement… in achieving your company’s wildly important goals.

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Training the Trainer

People and culture. These two areas distinguish a good company… from the best! Enable your trainers with basic foundation skills needed to create and maintain a perpetual culture of learning throughout your organization. Principles learned using technology, handouts, discussion and more will be the start point for later development of specialized training skills like identifying training needs, training design, as well as facilitation and evaluation.

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