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John MacDonald


John MacDonald

Corporate Growth Coach

With a life-long interest and involvement in business ventures, John has guided the growth of small to medium-sized businesses in many industries. Decades of experience in transportation, logistics, management, entrepreneurship, and sales has prepared him for the variety of industries he currently advises.   

John’s skill set is as varied as it is practical. He has knowledge of human relations in the workplace, strategic growth planning and the effective execution of a growth plan, sales training and management, executive board room sales, and an ability to quickly assess and reclaim lost revenue. His broad experience and approachable manner have secured many quality relationships with professionals in accounting, marketing, HR, social media, law, and life coaching, for client referrals.

John’s approach to corporate growth coaching is hands-on and personalized. After assessing the corporate goals and finances thoroughly, he will create a customized plan, motivate employees, and offer regular team training, sales workshops, and customized coaching so corporate growth is realized.

Clients are happily satisfied with his personable leadership, loyalty, and specific and measurable return on their investment.

Industries served: financial, trades, construction, logistics, funeral, insurance, marketing, video production, social media, accounting, printing, restaurant, tourism, entertainment, manufacturing, warehousing, agricultural, radio and services.

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